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maybe it will all make sense... [Feb. 4th, 2015|10:03 pm]
JeN in WoNderLaNd
I was on Pinterest and searched "soul searching" which came up with all kinds of interesting quotes and spiritual things. With one thing leading to another as it does on Pinterest, I came across pins relating to human interconnectedness, and energy and frequency in relation to the universe (and sacred geometry). I just stuck to reading the quotes and blurbs on the pins and saved them to chek out more later. I actually started feeling weird and almost overwhelmed which is why I chose not to look beyond the pins at the moment. I am a little concerned that I could possibly drive myself into mania- I'm actually not going to mention this to S. right now because I think he would agree (maybe that's all the more reason why I should mention it). The significance is that when I had my manic episode, I was all about human interconnectedness, energy and frequencies to the point where I was feeling connected, feeling energy and hearing "frequencies". I had a heightened sense of everything and I felt like it was a spiritual experience in a sense. So reading up on this could potentially put my brain in manic mode. (I almost feel like I'm hearing "frequencies" right now which is somewhat distracting, but for now I'm going to try to believe it's my mind playing tricks on me because I was just thinking about it. I also realize that I could be more prone to mania due to the most recent life stressor as noted in my last post.) I read this book called "Am I Bipolar or Waking Up?" where the author argues that it's not an illness, but a spiritual crisis. He actually opened up a place in Brazil to help those who are manic to work through it without meds from what I remember. Maybe there's something to that. Maybe I need to carry on with this spiritual journey- just not so much tonight. (I'm not really hearing those frequencies much now that I've got my thoughts down).